Our Process

Our Process

 Remove all handles and knobs from doors/drawers.

Thoroughly clean panels, doors and plinths with a specialised degreaser prior to spraying.

If the customer wishes to supply new handles or knobs this must be indicated before the sanding process to allow for any old holes to be filled as necessary. There is no ‘extra charge’ for this.

The kitchen is sanded with a heavy duty dust extraction sander, eliminating particle contamination in the spraying process.

The kitchen is meticulously wrapped with masking paper only leaving the parts to be sprayed exposed.

3 coats of polyurethane 2 part paint in your desired colour is sprayed onto the exposed kitchen. The first coat is a mix of polyurethane primer and colour.

 Paint is left to dry for 1 hour.

Reassemble kitchen, fitting new or existing handles and knobs.

All work is carried out on site in 1 day! This results in less time to complete a kitchen which means that our prices are more competitive on a ’like for like’ process. Our work is also covered by a 5-year de-lamination guarantee. Please note that there is a risk of our masking tape pulling off emulsion from walls/ceilings. This happens for a variety of reasons such as fresh or recent pain work. It is best to leave any decorating until after the kitchen respray process as we will not accept responsibility in the unlikely event that emulsion comes off.


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